List Of Shock Sites

Complete List Of Shock Sites

We have compiled a complete list of shock sites, past and present. Welcome to the bowels of the interwebs! Just kidding, we don't have the desire to list the super gorey stuff. But hey, shocking without death is our thing, and you are sure to find plenty of what you came for in the lists below!

Active Shock Sites

Active Shock Sites:

Inactive Shock Sites

Inactive Shock Sites: was one of the first shock sites to hit the internet in the early 2000s. Featuring an imagine of a man spreading his anus open by an unbelievable amount for the camera. The domain was eventually suspended and has hosted various things over the years since. However nearly everyone who has been around the internet for long enough now knows the name "Goatse". There is a live site featuring an array of different Goatse pictures at was also one of the original five shock sites in the early days of the internet. The site features a still image of 3 old men laying in bed engaged in a sexual act. I imagine that most of us have this image seared into our memories. While the site is still active and as far as we know still owned by the original creator, the site now redirects to a chatroom automatically so you are unable to view much. Lemonparty has been resurrected at

Tubgirl featured a static image of a girl twisted upside down in a bathtub somewhere with what looks like orange enema sh*t shooting out of her rear end in the perfect shape of a rainbow and landing square on her face and in her mouth. This site made the rounds just about everywhere in the early days of the interwebs. While the original site has been gone for many years, the original picture has been resurrected at

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